Visit of Delegation from the University of Tokyo to the European Partners

Researchers from the Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory at the University of Tokyo have conducted a special tour of some CLOVER partners: TENNECO AUTOMOTIVE EUROPE BVBA, SIEMENS INDUSTRY SOFTWARE NV, TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITAET GRAZ, and AVL LIST GMBH. Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory and each partner have shared their state-of-the-art research each other and discussed about future research collaborations, some of which have already started.

Picture: Explanation of Tenneco’s test vehicle. From left to right: Wataru Ohnishi, Kota Miyahara, Miguel Dhaens, Hiroshi Fujimoto, Masahiro Mae (wearing a white shirt)

Picture: Visit to SIEMENS. From left to right: Masahiro Mae, Hiroshi Fujimoto, Shota Yamada, Wataru Ohnishi, Kota Miyahara, Akiyuki Hasegawa

Picture: Visit to AVL with Prof. Martin Horn and Prof. Markus Reichhartinger. From left to right: Martin Horn, Hiroshi Fujimoto, Horst Pflugl, Wataru Ohnishi, Akiyuki Hasegawa, Markus Reichhartinger, Kota Miyahara

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