On-Demand Access to Selected CLOVER Results

External users can request on-demand free access to the following software codes, created in the CLOVER project:

  • Finite-time estimation of time-varying frequency signals in low-inertia power systems;
  • Backstepping induced variable gain sliding mode control;
  • Parameters preference for continuous super-twisting-like algorithm based on H-infinity norm analysis;
  • Higher order sliding mode observer for LTI systems with unknown inputs;
  • Basic controller of hydraulic set-up.

These tools are subject to the CLOVER Deliverable 1.3. The request can be sent through the contact form of this web-site. The request should include:

  • Controller(s) requested (from the list above);
  • Purposes of the use;
  • Affiliation;
  • Contact data and e-mail.

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